Friday, January 11, 2013

Tähtitorttu - puff pastry star-cake

Finnish Xmas cookie. A bit late with making them, but better later then never.
If I were if Finland I would just buy the dough and the tähtitorttu would have been made in time for Xmas.. *Sigh*.. Good old easy days.
This time I had to make my own dough, and you can find my gawky trial here.
As you can see the puff pastry recipe is good enough, thanks chef Michel, to have the "thousand layers" already at the first time.. It was nicely cracking as I bit on it, and melted in mouth..
Was gone as soon as the kids tasted it.. The youngest came back for the next round running and shouting "ínycsinklandó finomság' :D. These are what I call the magic tastes of childhood one'll always hanker after..

Ingredients (for ~8)
500 g puff pastry dough
plum marmalade
icing sugar

I took a bit less then half of the dough, about 500 g (a bit more the 1 pound), I just managed to cut that much... That's where the amount come from :).

Roll the dough out to about 0.5 cm, cut it into 7-8 cm squares.
Make cuts from the corners in the diagonal towards the centre (without cutting completely through), scoop 1/2 tsp of marmalade in the middle and fold in every second corner, pinching them together a bit not to open too much.
Bake them at 200 C (400 F) for 20-23 minutes. Check how yours are looking..
Sprinkle icing sugar on top, and serve with red glögi..
I'm just gonna eat them with my Hungarian spicy red wine ;).
Bon appétite!

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