Sunday, September 20, 2015

Swedish cardamom rolls - Kardemummabullar

Well, cardamom won a special place in my hart with its weird spicy taste that gives a kick to all my buns lately.
I even updated my Hungarian bun recipes, even though, yunno, we have the best food in the world :D. A little upgrade here and there won't hurt, tho'.

I stumbled upon these pictures on Pinterest,  and at first I only saw a new way of folding my buns, but at a second glance I saw a chance to try a new recipe.
Replacing the cinnamon with cardamom in the filling?? SURE!
That's gonna be an expensive upgrade given the price of the cardamom compared to that of the cinnamon (something like $50 a pound.. *sigh*)... but hey, we live once! Right?

After having my first bite at midnight just as they were straight out of the oven I was ... oooooo... what was I baking during the past 3 years? These were the MOST delicious pulla-s I've eaten so far, and accompanied with a chai latte was the perfect Fika in the morning.. or at least some sort of Fika..
I was so sorry I didn't bake the whole batch with cardamom only, but I was worried how it would taste..

I'll be honest, I didn't check the dough recipe in the original post, just because I love mine. If you want to try the original please pay a visit to the website and try it out.
I used the filling, and the topping recipe though, as for the though again, you decide.

1/2 portion pulla dough


60 g brown sugar (2 heap-full or 3 kinda humpy tsp sugar)
60 gr butter, room temperature, but firm still (1/2 stick)
1 1/2 tsp cardamom

Brushing the top for extra shine (the original recipe doesn't ask for it, but that's how I like it :))
1 egg (not necessary, just skip this step to save some time)

50 ml water
2 tsp brown sugar
1 tsp granulated sugar
1/2 tsp cardamom seeds (the best would be whole seeds, but here is difficult to find so I used minced)

Prepare the dough. Let it rise for 1 hour. As I never make the half portion but rather the full, next I divide the dough into two parts and let it sit for an additional 20-30 minutes. So, maybe you can just refold your half dough portion and leave it rise back again.

Line two larger trays with parchment paper.
Beat 1 egg with a fork, not to make it foamy but to make it smooth for brushing the buns.

Preparing the filling
Mix the butter, sugar and cardamom seeds with a spoon into a small bowl until well combined.

Next with a rolling pin roll it out thin, roughly about 50x30 cm (the recipe calls for 13” x 21”).

Next, we will fold the dough in three, just as we do with the puff pastry.
Divide the dough VISUALLY in three parts, and you can even make small marks to help you fold.
Spread the filling on the dough evenly.

Fold in the left third over the middle third, and the next the right part over the middle.
With a rolling pin flatten the dough further out, until the width reaches about 30 cm, and the length about 40.

Cut about 2 cm thick stripes, and next make a sort of knod... well, until I put a video out (when I actually master the technique) please visit the original website for reference.

Place the buns in the trays, about 10/tray.
Leave plenty of space between them, imho they grow so much nicer.
Brush the top with the lightly beaten egg and leave them until the egg dries, just a bit, about 5 minutes.

Bake them on the middle/upper rack at 400 F (200 C) for 10-12 minutes, depends what colour you prefer. We like them baked longer, hence the color is not so nice, but well, we just like it that way. :)

Preparing the glaze
While the buns are baking heat the water for the glaze, add the brown sugar and let it boil for half a minute, minute, and remove from the heat.
Mix the granulated sugar with the cardamom seeds.

As soon as you get the buns out of the oven, brush them well with the glaze using a brush. Sprinkle a pinch of the granulated sugar/cardamom mix on top.

Bonn appetite!
They are brilliant paired with tea or coffee.. Enjoy!

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