Monday, February 15, 2016

Easter eggs

While you are making this yammiiii mushroom terrine appetizer for a meatless Friday before Easter, there is nothing better to do than blow your eggs and use the shells for the most natural eye candy that will cheer up your soul.
The old Hungarian tradition calls for colored eggs and flowers to be given away on Easter Monday to gentleman who come to will pour a bucket of water on you, because that's what will make you grow and flourish in the next year.
Nowadays, they spray their horrible patchouli all over your hair and clothes..
How stupid is that? :D
You cook, dress, clean, and make all those nice Easter eggs, and what you get in exchange?? Washing your hair like 4-5 times during the day, to avoid fainting from the smell of the lovely perfume mixes..

This year I do not expect anybody to honor the tradition, Monday is not even a holiday here, what a  pity, but we will definitely decorate the house and feel festive at least the day before, on Easter Sunday.

Some of the decorations will be these eggs, provided by our beautiful hens as they are: naturally colored in green, olive, chocolate brown, cream, white and pink.

There is nothing easier than making these "colored" eggs: blow out the eggs and just crack some open, rinse and microwave the shells to sanitize them, and match the colors.
I found the lighter olive to work best with the dark chocolate egg, and the dark olive to have the best contrast with the blue Ameraucana egg.
I chose not to make any particular pattern, but feel free to get creative and glue hearts, and what pleases you on the eggs.
I used Elmer's glue all glue, and it worked perfect.
In addition, I also plan to rinse the egg's inside, and outside with a mix of 50% water - 50% Mod Podge, to make them more resistant to breakage.
They can be hanged on branches for a beautiful table centerpiece, or just placed in a neutral colored bowl or weaved basket. I'd go for a light weaved basket to emphasize the eggs natural beauty.
Happy Easter!

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