Sunday, December 23, 2012

Choco - cocomint cake

My hubby likes coconut very much and I wanted to make a coconut cake for him but unfortunately coconut is too sweet for me, and baking something I wouldn't like at all was just too big of a compromise. 
So I decided to get creative and was looking for add-ins with a fresh flavor. I thought I would give a try to mint, inspired by last night's mojito. 
This recipe shows how creative cocktails can make you :D.

175 g butter (3/4 cup)
2,5 dl  sugar (1 cup)
3 eggs
1 dl cream (half-half) or coconut milk (bit less then 1/2 cup)
250 g pastry flour
2 tsp baking powder
3 tbsp coconut powder/flour (~15 g)
5 tbsp oil (never had coconut oil, but I might give a try)
1/2 tsp peppermint extract
150 g semisweet chocolate chips or grated 40%-60% chocolate

Beat butter with sugar. Add the eggs one by one, beating continuously. Mix in the mint extract, oil, and coconut flour/shred.
Add the flour mixed with the baking powder and last with a spoon mix in the chocolate chips.
In a 26 cm kuglof form (or I guess a 20 cm cake form) spread the butter evenly and bake at 175  C for ~1 hour, but keep an eye on it after 50 minutes.
Decorate with white chocolate wiggles and sugar pearls.

It was a "give it a try" cake, but became everybody's new favorite in the "easy cake" category. 

I have a 20 cm kuglof form which I found suitable size for neighbors (baked additional 4 cakes of smaller size..), and I adjusted quickly the recipe to:
100 g butter
80 g sugar
2 eggs
0.5 dl cream + 2 spoons of coconut milk
150 g pastry flour
3 tbsp oil
1/2 mocha spoon peppermint extract
70 g semisweet chocolate chip, baked it for 30 min at 170 C (350F)

PS. I had only coconut shred and I wanted it smoother(to hide the coconut bits from the kids :D), so I used the coffee grinder. If you wanna do the same, use a bit of sugar when grinding, or the coconut oil will make your flour sticking together and messing up your coffee grinder

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