Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tippaleipä - csurgatott fánk - dribbled donuts

Phew.. What a project.. After such a long skiing brake you missed something healthy, didn't you? Well, I did :D.
So, I decided to engage in a long planned project, the donuts known in the Transylvanian kitchen as csurgatott fánk = dribbled donuts, and in the Finnish as tippaleipä = drop bread.

I found two good looking recipes and of course I did them both. I remembered there was no yeast in my grandma's csurgatott fánk, so I started with the recipe without yeast. Next I wouldn't bother trying the other, but you can have them both, and decide for yourself (the one with yeast coming soon). You won't thank me for neither of them though :D, I'm afraid, unless you like food made with lot of fuss, or you are Finnish, missing the taste of home on 1st of May..
It doesn't necessarily last long but it is tricky to learn to dribble the batter properly, remove the forms, turn, and avoid burning yourself ALL at the same time. I'm born blond, you know what I mean :D.
OK, it is not soo dramatic, but practice is practice, and I need some more.. 

Thanks to the tip of using a ketchup bottle I found on Kotikokki, I didn't end up dribbling the whole kitchen with the batter while frying the dribbled donuts, but I managed to do other stupid things, no worries. At the end of the frying my kitchen deserved some "under construction" labels, with oil all over the floor and fried!! dribbled donuts spread everywhere. The doggie thanked me for them, though...
If I add to this, that the csurgatott fánk - tippaleipä - donuts are MUCH more oily than the Hungarian szalagos fánk or csöröge as it gets in contact with the oil on a bigger surface,  you'll immediately understand why I needed a glass of cold dry wine right after.

The csurgatott fánk has a more thick batter than the crepes, or palacsinta, and the end result surprise - surprise, tastes a bit like the palacsinta :), and the one with yeast tastes like the szalagos fánk, without the softness.

While csöröge and fánk is served during the carnival season (my granda made them in the summer), tippaleipä is served in Finland on 1st May with some fermented lemonade (to me it always tasted like bodzalé).
I might look for a proper recipe for Sima, too, later..

3 eggs
1 tsp sugar, humpy
1 1/2 dl whole milk
3 1/4 dl pastry flour
1 flat tsp salt
1 tsp finely grated lemon peel. A MUST (I would add a bit of zest, too, maybe 1 tsp)
optionally some vanilla sugar

Oil and deeper pan for frying
An empty  ketchup bottle, and some round cookie forms. If you don't have any save some metallic cans that stand the heat and cut them to max 4-5 cm, about 2 in. Be careful with the edges!

icing sugar
Sima - Finnish fermented lemonade, and is a must to have on 1st of May :)

Prepare some plates covered with kitchen paper.
In a bowl mix the eggs, don't whisk. Mix in the sugar, the salt, the lemon peel, lemon zest, the milk, and last the flour. Cover it and let it sit for 15 min. Mix it again a bit and poor the batter in the ketchup bottle.
Heat the oil, as for the fánk or csöröge before. Have about 1 inch or a little less then 1 in of oil at the bottom of the pot, pan.
The oil should be quite hot, bot not too hot.. for me it worked at a little bit more than half of my scale.
Drop the forms in the oil, and start SLOWLY dribbling the batter in the forms, with small circular or wiggly moves to evenly but wiggly have about 1.5 cm (0.5 in) batter at the bottom of the forms.
DO not poor too fast, let the batter fry a bit before the next layer of batter drops on top of it. Next I would make them wider and thinner, maybe max 2 layers of batter wiggles on top of each other, to look more like these, but I need to buy some right sized beef meet cans before :).

Fry until the bottom is golden, them remove the form, turn the csurgatott fánk - tippaleipä - donuts to the other side and fry until you are happy with the color and stiffness of the donuts. It doesn't take more than a ~ 1 minute for both sides if the oil is the right temperature.
Remove the ready csurgatott fánk - tippaleipä - donuts, carefully not to fall apart, to the plates, and let them cool down.
Sprinkle with icing sugar, and serve with Sima (in Finland..), with bodzalé in Hungary, or simply alcohol free (or not ;) ) dry apple cider.

Some of my csurgatott fánk - tippaleipä - donuts were crispy, some more tender. I need to exercise more to make all of them crispy, but doesn't matter how they are, you need that sparkling whatever you choose to ease the oiliness/sweetness of the donuts :D.

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