Friday, March 1, 2013

Red smoothie

Summer arrived to SD. Today we had 31C, and everybody was in a sleepy mood when coming from school.
Who wants to eat some heavy cooked lunch, especially before a 1.5 hour gym class?
We decided to have a light snack, with ancient grain crackers (Costco) topped with french pork pate with truffles (Sprouts), accompanied with a red smoothie.. Hmmm... Wasn't a bad choice at all.

Ingredients, makes ~0.5 litres, 0.1 quart
10-15 raspberries
1 large, 2 smaller strawberries
1/5 (half) banana
100 ml cranberry juice (not from concentrate)
4-5 tbsp organic vanilla yogurt
1 tsp maple syrup, optional
4-5 large ice cubes

In a food processor mix all the ingredients for 5-10 sec. Serve immediately. It is so filling, that if you choose to have it on its own as a snack you won't be starving, for sure.

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