Thursday, January 29, 2015

Garlic - honey - lemon shots, a natural immune system booster

Flu season is here and my daughter fell sick..Yay...
For three days only, though, and spared the rest of us, but it wasn't an easy one..
I can't brag about anything special the rest of the family did to avoid the sickness: we never take the shots, nor any multivitamins.
Except maybe loads of fruits, veggies and physical exercise, but seeing so many people getting sick everywhere, I thought it's time to give our bodies some extra help.
We did this cure regularly in Finland, (with all that cold felt more logical), but I had to realize that as soon as the wet season kicks in in San Diego, so do the viruses..

If you feel like eating some virus repellent I would strongly advice this mix, and the good news is it must help also against vampires with all that garlic :D.

1 medium head of garlic
3 large lemons
200 g (about half a pound) honey
propolis drops, I add about 60 of them
bee pollen, 1-2 tespoons

Peel the garlic and using the garlic press make the smoothest pure possible in a small, round mixing bowl.
Add the honey, gradually, while mixing with a spoon and pressing against the walls of the bowl, to make pure it further if possible.
Add the propolis and bee pollen, if you add any.
At the end add the lemon, and when mixed, pour it in a jar with a lid, shake it well and place it in the fridge.
Keep it for 1-2 days before consumption, it will allow the tastes to blend and will smoothen the sharpness f the garlic.
Taste it, and add honey/lemon to adjust to your taste.

Take a small teaspoon 2-3 times a day SIPPING IT SLOWLY FIRST!! (add honey and garlic if too strong).
There is no limitation how long you can use it, we usually take it for a week, than make leave one week out, and make another batch, until winter, or flu season is over..

Anyway, there isn't anything in this lovely golden mix that would be harmful, so why not give it a try? Takes at least a week/two dough until the effect kicks in.

The story behind...
Why all this crazy mix? Well, garlic and lemon has tons of benefits, as well as honey (antiseptic, antibacterial), not to mention that this "drink" calls for a sweetener to be edible.

But let's mention few things about the other two ingredients..
Propolis has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, but works just as well against viral infections, too.
Bee pollen as well has antibacterial effect, in addition of being a natural source of protein and vitamins (A, D, E, K, C), but I would highlight the benefits of its B complex, especially B5 vitamin content, which will help your body through the stress caused by the sickness.
If that wasn't yet convincing, let's mention that it is also a red blood cell & hemoglobin production booster, and as such is an energy shot in a tiny ball :).
WARNING! Be aware that be pollen can cause allergy, so if you don't know if  you are or are not allergic to it be safe and try it on your own risk!!

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